Egg Donation

Egg Donation

What does egg donation means?

Donor egg program includes oocyte retrieval from healthy young oocyte donors after controlled ovarian hyper stimulation followed by IVF/ ICSI

(with male partner‘s sperm) and embryo transfer in recipient’s uterus.

Indications for Egg Donation

  • Poor ovarian reserve
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Perimenopausal women with diminished ovarian reserve
  • Older women who have experienced natural menopause
  • Women who have had their ovaries removed but have a uterus
  • Repeat IVF failures with own eggs
  • Previous IVF cycles with poor egg or embryo quality
  • To avoid passing a genetic illness

How to Select the Right Donor?


  • Age/Marital status/EDUCATION/OCCUPATION
  • Physical characteristics like height, weight, complexion, colour of hair and eyes, body built)
  • Menstrual and Obstetric history (details of the pregnancies she has had, any history of recurrent abortions, mode of delivery, details of her offspring etc. to determine fertility potential)
  • Family history (history of any genetic / congenital abnormalities in any family member)
  • Medical and surgical history
  • Personal history (addictions like using tobacco, smoking, alcohol consumption).


At LUSH FERTILITY once donor’s profile is found to be appropriate after meeting our criteria, blood tests are carried out to screen for any hormonal abnormality, any major blood disorder and infections that can be transmitted to the baby. We also do blood tests of donor’s husband to screen for any infectious diseases that may be transmitted to the baby if not screened early. Tests for genetic disorders may be done in certain circumstances on recipient couple’s request.

Thus, at our clinic, utmost care is taken in screening the donors, and only healthy, fertile and disease free donors are chosen. When we have a patient in need of a donor egg/ oocyte, we chose a suitable one from the Donor bank after matching the profile of the lady in need of the donor eggs with the donor.

If there are special requirements of a couple, about the donor, then we try to meet these specific requirements too.

At any point of time during and after the donor IVF treatment, the identity of the donor must not be revealed to the couple as per ICMR GUIDELINES.

Steps involved in Donor Egg Program

  • Matching the couple’s criteria with donor.
  • Synchronization of menses of donor and recipient.
  • Controlled ovarian hyper stimulation of donor.
  • Recipient’s treatment to prepare endometrium for implantation.
  • Oocyte retrieval from donor.
  • In vitro Fertilization of retrieved oocytes with recipient’s husband’s sperm /Donor sperm obtained from Sperm bank.
  • Culture of embryos.
  • Embryo transfer in recipient’s uterus and luteal phase support.
  • Serum beta HCG level on day 14 to 15 of transfer.
  • The whole process may take around 1-3 months of time.
  • The success rates in donor egg IVF cycles varies from 30-60 % per cycle.


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