Blastocyst Culture

Blastocyst Culture

A blastocyst is an embryo that has been developed in laboratory for 5-6 days after insemination where as in a conventional IVF/ICSI cycle, the embryo transfer is usually done after culturing for 2 to 3 days.

Advantages of blastocyst culture – extended culture of the embryos to blastocyst stage for transfer has several advantages over transfer of  cleavage stage embryos. These include a higher implantation rate and live birth rates, the potential decrease in the number of  embryos transferred thus decreasing the risk of multiple pregnancy significantly,

an opportunity to select the most viable embryos for transfer, and better synchronization of the embryo and endometrium as in a natural cycle where implantation takes place usually between day 5 to day 7. So blastocyst is considered to have greater chances of pregnancy with reduced risk of having multiple pregnancy.

Disadvantages of blastocyst transfer – reduced number of  surplus embryos for cryopreservation,and  small increased risk of mono zygotic twinning.


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